Ahoy there!

Welcome! I'm Jeffre, Feemster, ferasdour, canales ocultos, bob, anonymous, sally, mara, frank, ahmed, whatever name I'm using at the moment and whatever name you wish to call me. It really doesn't matter.

This is intended to be a blog for my self and my personal business supporting home and small business customers. Currently living and proving services around Red Oak Texas. I firmly believe that the size of a company or the money in someone's wallet should never prevent them from getting assistance. For now I am not accepting any requests from large businesses, corporations, or financial entities due in part to non-compete contracts.

I'm an IT and infosec freelance consultant as well as upholding a current full time infosec role.

Been doing home and small business computer repair and consulting since getting my A+ cert since 2008, ethical hacking and auditing for small business users with focus on wireless testing since 2005. I currently have A+, Network+, and Security+ as lifetime certificates, as well as Pentest+, PNPT, eJPT, and GIAC GREM. I've been in Security Operations Center environments starting in 2014, doing malware reverse engineering since 2016, and begun studying to branch into other forms of defense penetration testing as of 2020.

If you want to reach out to me for any reason, please hitup that contact page and follow the links there.

Until tomorrow and forever,
- Jeff