When you think of IT repair and maintenance you generally feel like that's obvious what that entails. However lets go over some functions of this service type in case people need to understand better. This is ideally targeted towards personal devices or small company devices with one user. As such, a laptop, camera, PC, or smart phone are all generally in range for this. We can also run cables, install and configure routers, printers, nas storage devices, iot devices, and much more. If your computer is running slow we will diagnose and inform you of the recommended actions at no charge, then for a set fee ($50/hr), we will get to work resolving your issue. Time spent not actively working on it is not counted during this time frame but there is a 1 hour minimum. So if we clean your computer up a little bit and it takes us 20 minutes and your system works faster, that's $50, but if we have to remove malware, reinstall drivers, and fix registry changes and it takes an hour, that's also $50. Since it's hourly, taking full advantage of that is fine, give us multiple tasks, give us several computers to work on, we know time management and frankly we don't want to waste it.

Screen is cracked on a phone, well the thing to do is generally to buy a new screen, heat-gun off the old screen, put the new on, and insure all connections made it safely during the process. We can do this as well however as we are also small company, we would charge the cost of the screen to you, we do not have these stocked nor work with any device insurance. If you'd like that sort of service, ubreakifix is pretty predominant in this market. We don't mind helping you search for alternatives other than us as well, as there are a number of phone specific repair shops and we want the best service for you. Dont be afraid to ask.

Data recovery is another common task. "Can you get data off this old flash drive" or "this drive was used in my old computer but I can't use it in my new one, can you help get the data from this." We absolutely can, however this would fall into data recovery services instead of general it services in cases where the drive is faulty, or the data transfer would take a long time. The reason for this is because larger and larger drives these days, like 20tb drives, would take a long time to transfer something like say 1tb of data from them. If that transfer takes 20 hours, we wouldn't want to charge you 20x$50. We'd want to much more appropriately charge you $300.

Reach out today and lets build a plan on how best to serve your personal or businesses needs.