When people speak of computer viruses, worms, botnets, backdoors, trojans, etc... they're generally referring to a larger class of programming considered malicious programming or malware for short. Over the years I've come across many types of malware and investigating both source of infection and the actions done by the bad guy, can all be vital even for small companies in planning their next moves or recovering from a cyber attack. I've seen several instances of malware placed by abusive spouses, I've seen scripts made by friends to spy on each other, I've even seen people use malware which had a backdoor in it allowing another attacker to spy other than just the one who placed it. Sometimes, being able to know how the malware was made, the circumstances of it being ran (or not ran), and the delivery methods are vital even for individuals to have peace of mind.

Because I feel this is essential that regular humans have this service, I'm offering malware analysis services. Now lets not get this confused. If your computer is infected and you want to get rid of the malware, that generally goes into normal computer repair tasks. If however, you want details about the malware in a report showing capabilities, and information to allow your as a person, or as a company decision maker, to make informed judgement over how to react to the malware thats what this service is for. We can take any script, series of scripts, binary program, or even just "i don't know what this file is but want to know what it does", and get you a report on it. This process may take 3 to 5 days to fully analyze given other time restraints, and currently is a set fee ($200) and the requirements I ask of you is when requesting service send a copy of the file only after it's been 7zipped (7z file) with a password of "infected". If you don't know how to do that, need remote assistance, or would rather we get the sample in person, we can do these things as well within reason (probably not going to drive across state lines for something like this).

Reach out today and lets build a plan on how best to serve your needs.