Got a linux cloud server running your company's website? Maybe you know how to login and make site changes but don't know how to manage the system. Maybe parts of that system aren't working and you're needing to know who to call. Or perhaps you have an OSX server that was once setup when your company moved to apple products, and no longer have someone around to manage that system or keep it up to date. Maybe your old tech setup a freebsd server to run your telco (phones) with something like astersisk and you can't find anyone who still supports this kind of work. It can get costly to keep a full time sysadmin on payroll for managing only one system and some companies just can't handle that kind of pressure right away.

If any of that sounds like your situation, or you have any other unix or linux administration tasks call us up. We do one time tasks as well as a monthly subscription service. Why a subscription service? Well as monthly upkeep we can work with your schedule to manage updates, patching, service monitoring, logging, and alerting. If there's an emergency break that needs hands-on work, we offer 2 of those per month for free without additional charge. With this sysadmin monthly service, we keep the systems moving smoothly while you focus on business, when their is need for upgrade for the system to handle it's tasks we will work with you to resolve these issues. As well, if you want to change infrastructure or work a different way, we can be your go-to for these tasks as well.

We do work with various cloud providers, apis, virtualization and container software. From ansible to teraform, docker and kubernetes, all the way to classic chroot and lxc environments, while this service doesn't include custom development and deployments we are certainly not backing away from an environment just because it's controlled or managed in a special way. We're even willing to crack out some old serial cables if we must.

Reach out today and lets build a plan on how best to serve your businesses needs.