Did you have a technie come in and setup your network services or Windows Active Directory servers then leave it unmanaged for years? Do you run a mail server out of a closet and no longer have IT staff to manage or support it? Do you need your network setup to support a growing business including centralized user control (AD/IAM/etc...)?

If any of these things are true, you may need us! We offer not just planning, installation, and configuration of computer and network equipment, but also monthly subscription services for remote system administration (keep up to date on updates, policies, etc..) with two free emergency/unscheduled repair calls per month. This gives you active management of your most critical pieces of your network and piece of mind ensuring any issues are dealt with in a safe and timely manner. With this sysadmin monthly service, we keep the systems moving smoothly while you focus on business, when their is need for upgrade for the system to handle it's tasks we will work with you to resolve these issues. As well, if you want to change infrastructure or work a different way, we can be your go-to for these tasks as well.

We support both classic Windows AD and Azure AD. We do work on a variety of cloud providers, Docker, Cloud VSI or locally hosted Virtual Machines, and good old classic self hosted hardware. Reach out today and lets build a plan on how best to serve your businesses needs.